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We are certified public accountants in practice since 1992. We provide zakat, tax and financial consultancy services including setting up accounting systems. We always strive to provide high quality advanced professional service. We pay attention to our clients' needs and have full understanding of the issues that they face, which makes us an integral part of our clients' advisory teams. Our unique blend of local ownership and experienced professionals provide our clients with a responsive and creative resource to help keep them at the forefront of their industry. You will find that all our clients, whether large of small, established or just starting, all benefit from our friendly and specialized services. These include every aspect of statutory and internal audits, accounting, zakat and tax consultancy, comprehensive business consultancy and general financial services.


To establish ourselves as one of the leading professional service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Delivering a wide array of financial services to a diverse client base. Provide our clients with relevant solutions. Consistently render high quality financial and business consulting services to our clientele that helps contribute to their success. Provide an opportunity for our people to grow in a professional environment.

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